Toronto plans outdoor ice rink in winter

The problem in the past few years with trying to allow ice hockey to go on at all times of the year? Cold water is the only thing at the bottom of one of Canada’s most famous lakes.

Now though, the Canadian city of Toronto has announced it will now permit even warm-water activities to take place in the lower part of Lakeshore Blvd.

‘That’s kind of opening up the lake,’ Martin Barr, the lead police officer on the matter, said during a news conference.

A test plan to bring ice hockey outside in cooler temperatures before the official holidays has passed with no incidents.

The rules of operation for the modern or ‘glade’ rink include the gate being open and metal or PVC pipes at least six feet wide with some type of heater, engine or air pump necessary to power the heating.

The social area of the rink is the dressing rooms and concession area.

Vets are needed to help keep the ice safe.

The outdoor rink will be one of five at the Minor Ice Rink of the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) in November.

The typical temperature for the month of November is a mild one in Toronto, but police said other venues within the GTA in November have a target for the games to get going in 60-degree heat.

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