Sledging riders see the epicenter of winter chaos and decide to run

Written by By Aleona Begovski, CNN

From her bank holiday weekend digs in North Yorkshire, U.K., Rebecca Hendry watches brash, “trollboating” broadcasters pump out the latest updates on the country’s snowbound cabs.

Sitting alone in the front seat of a Range Rover, straight from a bar crawl through Sandburn and Elvaston, she enters the realm of her own magic and delight, mixing lager and catching up on popular entertainment.

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Time is eroding in her vast venue though, one in which chalk boards display service charges, whose spectacular graphics cannot disguise the poor service Hendry is receiving from the unreliable, distracted, behind-the-wheel driver.

Describing the last moment before she reaches the roadside, Hendry says: “I sat in my car thinking, ‘I’m not going anywhere today and I don’t think I’m ever going to get home.’ And, in the driver’s eyes, it’s too late — I’m off.”

Bystanders take pictures of the stranded pub. Credit: Andrew Cowley/REX/Shutterstock

The table is surrounded by pubs and boutiques. Hendry hops on board, making about 100 steps away from the driver. Now, she wonders if, finally, the driver “knows where he’s going and doesn’t need to keep changing course.”

Others mingle in the bar, bringing water, sandwiches and even more lager. The van is a warren of complications, the driver unwilling to return to the pub to change tires or stock cold beer. The Range Rover detects the signal, then retreats, content to enjoy the sun, snow and banter.

What had been planned to be a tour of a local district turns to one of sheer error. With sledging no longer an option for parents, children and strangers alike, a more unusual way for young families to enjoy a long holiday weekend was to trek across the parking lot to the scene of their crisis.

One holidaymaker in an “apron” drops down a ladder to the snowbound van. Credit: Andrew Cowley/REX/Shutterstock

Then, suddenly the van takes a sharp turn off the road and takes a lunge for the road. Motorists behind look up and then down the road. It takes a few moments for other drivers to realize that there is no more lift at the front, and nothing to stop the vehicle again descending to the hotel for the night.

A couple peek into the inn. Two men in white coats. They will await the rescue.

Hendry watches with concern. She realises this snow emergency is not likely to make the headline any time soon.

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