The Mighty Wilson: Eighteen hours, 370 matches!

Thanks to the volunteers who mounted a victory stand against the fire. Eighteen hours, 370 matches – that’s what you got in Scotland. I knew you could do it. Welcome back too to Jeff and Samantha Christie, from California who took full part and did their bit in the community spirit by joining the cheers of the crowd as the Scots won, every time they threw the ball into the air.

The Chinese owner, who I met at the jetty, The Ninewells Hospital, flew over especially to see our wee nine-year-old son, who was treated at the hospital with his friends from his Scottish Little Warriors rugby club.

I was standing on my own on the bridge when the Scottish team suddenly launched into an emotional version of Woody Guthrie’s classic, “This Land is Your Land”. The anthem was greeted with a chorus of cheers, the young men’s voices rising and rising as the song picked up momentum and intensified.

It was an anthem sung with enthusiasm, passion and commitment, and can’t be described better than “so good, so moving” by Stuart Hall in the Sunday Express last Sunday.

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