Gwen Ifill talks with Sibel Kekilli about the Supreme Court’s latest abortion decision

Gwen Ifill talked with Sibel Kekilli about the Supreme Court’s latest abortion decision, a small but meaningful win for Planned Parenthood. “Even though it was basically a dissent it was a really important part of the abortion debate because it brought up the idea that in the case of corporations they can’t have political opinions that interfere with their public policy,” Kekilli said, referring to Justice Neil Gorsuch. “It was really an opinion that was written to protect minority rights of corporations.” Below is a transcript of that interview:

Sibel Kekilli: There’s an argument that the Supreme Court has to protect individual rights that are fully protected and that this is one of them. So, what you were saying was that it would have been acceptable if she had been a corporation and then continued to advocate for women.

Gwen Ifill: I was actually thinking of all corporations. Because I have this image in my head of corporations having power and being able to engage in these sorts of practices. People in the services industry do it and banks do it and we have oil corporations that are trying to interfere with democracy. Yet, we still think that corporations do not have rights.

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