Gabrielle Hayes: There Are Pieces of This Texas Murder Which Seem Strange And Outrageous to Me


Please join me tonight as I speak to Andrea Lafferty and Darla Murphy, the mother and daughter in Higginsville, Illinois, who were stabbed 20 times by their husbands this week. Just like I did in Alabama at death row and in Texas at death row, where a woman in the room there believes her husband of almost 37 years had convinced him that the only way he could ever be released from prison was if he killed her daughter.

Andrea’s husband, Joseph, killed his estranged wife and her two young children this week. He had stabbed her in the face, repeatedly in the body, so many times in fact that the doctors who treated her thought she was likely going to die because of the stab wounds. But doctors are doctors, and they cannot touch a weapon. So they amputated her legs and the rest of her lower body, saving the legs of her two young daughters.

Andrea is in the hospital, and Darla Murphy, the mother of these little girls, is fighting for her freedom as she’s handcuffed and hauled away in a truck because this man who murders his wife and children is freed by a law that I believe is plain wrong.

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