Does space tourism have a place in corporate America?

Polls show that you’re pretty evenly split on the issue of billionaires pursuing space tourism.

When CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Richard Branson sit down to discuss the issue, does the Virgin CEO really have anything to worry about from today’s Supreme Court ruling, which made the space tourism industry legal for the first time? As the world’s first commercial spaceport is about to take flight, some fear big corporate players could one day monopolize the market. Should big business be getting into space tourism, especially considering the fact that the companies expected to play a major role in such plans could disappear?

Also, today, the US House of Representatives voted to repeal the Defense Production Act, which has prevented federal regulations on the construction and operation of space taxis and launch facilities. But can Congress really do much? Will this represent a significant step toward more robust, inclusive, private space travel?

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