Travis Wall alleged to have accepted $26,000 ‘bribe’ from Backstreet Boys’ production company

The Backstreet Boys are releasing their first song with Travis Wall as a member of the pop group, but the Break the Floor dance troupe with which the rapper has joined is getting some attention after a Star Magazine report on the business relationship between the Backstreet Boys and Break the Floor founder Louis Casanova.

The magazine reported last month that Casanova had provided the boy band members “a $26,000 ‘bribe’” to perform as Break the Floor members during concerts. The cover story focused on Wall as well, and details how the 22-year-old’s ties to Casanova grew.

“It’s common knowledge at Break the Floor that Travis Wall is sometimes seen with Louis Casanova,” the cover story reads. “But the fact that Wall and Casanova run the same dance company in Las Vegas has executives at other dance companies around the world squirming.”

According to the Star, Wall was “raised by a Miami Beach mom and raised” among New York City residents. He is the newest member of the Backstreet Boys, who released their single, “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” on April 3 with Wall replacing Nick Carter.

“Travis Wall had never actually left the States before stepping into the Backstreet Boys with his dynamite dance moves,” according to the story. “Our source says that the deal to kick-start Wall’s career as a boy band singer was spearheaded by Casanova, who arranged a meeting for the new bandmate with the patriarch of the group, Brian Littrell.”

According to the Star, the group’s manager, Lou Pearlman, also provides “an estimated $100,000 per show” to a “pack of several dancers/dancers’ agents” that the magazine claims runs the company.

Read the full story at Huffington Post.


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