Calls for Shen Yun to be allowed in Beijing

Daniel, who moved to Hong Kong in 2008:

It’s very sad to hear of Zhang Yimou’s disappearance. I think it shows that China is not very good at running things in Hong Kong. My mum often comments on it: ‘Yes, you can get Hong Kong transport – but can you get where you need to go when you want?’ It’s a worrying trend.

When China became the region’s Communist rulers in 1997, there was massive excitement – now the city seems like a pretty safe place to live, but no matter how much people have changed, the reality of China as a whole is very foreign.

Hong Kong is different from mainland China, but they are also very different from each other – everybody’s really different and very unique. And that, I think, is because people from Beijing are used to looking down on Hong Kong.

Everything here just feels great. I’d like to say no matter how many things are going on in China, Hong Kong should keep its values and keep its dynamism and culture. And right now I’m very impressed with the financial stability here – everyone is very well-off.

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There is still a big difference in expectations between Beijing and Hong Kong. But Hong Kong people should keep doing what they’re doing. Hopefully everything will come out on the other side and Hong Kong will keep staying on its feet, and things can just keep going. And Zhang Yimou should be a reference for everyone that things can change and things can get better and not fall apart.

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