Need to get your kids vaccinated? Find out if you’ll get reimbursed

Saskatoon’s Scotiabank Arena will host a mass COVID-19 vaccination clinic for school-aged children on Monday, December 12.

Anyone interested in getting vaccinated should register on Dec. 3 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Parents must present the following paperwork for their children to receive their vaccinations:

Statement of immunization

Healthy Child Program Statement, or as required by law, a waiver from parents

An appointment with clinic staff for the child to be vaccinated

The Health Department reports that, unlike other vaccines, COVID-19 vaccines do not come in convenient packs, and that siblings will not receive the same vaccines.

Those wanting to receive their COVID-19 vaccines at the clinic should plan to bring a small bag of clean immunization supplies such as wipes, liquids, and lollipops.

The vaccinations will be provided to all children in their own family. Those with other sick children are encouraged to bring a note from a physician’s office to make up for the missing vaccine. Additional vaccination records will be available to all eligible children after the clinic.

Not available at the clinic:

Mandatory HPV booster vaccines

PARVax (PCV8) booster vaccines

Phan (PPV, Pneumovax) booster vaccines

Vaccines for health care workers

Children under age 11 without health care worker medical insurance cards, or on other selected priority list

Children without identification.

COVID-19 is the second flu vaccine of the current flu season, which runs until April, 2019.

The vaccines are free to all children in their household. Refunds may be available for several vaccines:

Tdap (Tdap for children 6 months to 6 years)


HHHT (Hepatitis H hepatitis B)

Pneumovax (Parainfluenza A, B)









Children (greater than 6 months) without health care worker medical insurance cards (including grandfathered vaccines)

Children who are receiving the seasonal vaccine (flu + B)

Children younger than 1 year older than the child (greater than 2 years)

Children with prematurity

Children with medical problems that make the flu more difficult to treat

Children with serious underlying medical conditions, such as asthma

Children with chronic illnesses such as cystic fibrosis

Children under 4 (greater than 2 years old) who require intractable tumours or other health conditions that prevent them from being able to receive the flu vaccine.

Can’t get to the clinic?

Prescribing medical providers may also provide vaccines, provided they do not have a medical licence.

No adult immunization record is required.

After the vaccination is complete, parents will be required to provide their child’s health care provider (HCP) with documentation. While the child remains under medical care, parents will have up to two weeks to retrieve a copy of their child’s immunization record.

Full vaccination information is available at:

This is a Health Canada press release.

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