What happened to April the giraffe’s attempt to give birth

April the giraffe continues her journey to birth a baby giraffe, though the latest efforts to get her pregnant and on the loose continue to be a failure. “The most pressing issue right now is to get April the giraffe to move the staff’s private information from her farm to their farrowing farm,” zoo staff told the Washington Post’s Sam Thielman in an email. “This is a top priority. As soon as we have that all under control, we can begin contacting other nations about using their social media accounts to promote the zoo and the birth of April’s calf.” [Washington Post]

Also: Arizona State University’s center for solid waste management may add what you may think of as a least-sustainable activity, recycling bottled water. Although the water sold at ASU’s new Water Innovation Center contains zero percent recycled water, the center plans to source a portion of its drinking water from this landfill, the New York Times reported. [The New York Times]

In 1877, a Scottish scientist named John Watson made the split-wise mistake of accidentally creating peanut butter by accident with a sample of his favorite spices and a meat-based replacement. When he sought to correct the error, he sent the sample off to be refined and tested. A few years later, scientists at the British Museum named peanut butter after him. It became such a popular product that it led to a law banning the sale of peanut butter as well as all other nut butters until 1971. [NPR]

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