Second City Toronto Goes Post-Modern for a New Political Potboiler

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The second city isn’t just the capital of Canada. It’s also a brand-new kind of political potboiler. Second City Toronto, in a move caught off guard by one local reporter, announced on Twitter Wednesday morning that they were closing their ticket processing facility and moving the entire operation to the basement of Rogers Communications headquarters in downtown Toronto. The move was meant to give a short time to solicit bids from other physical locations but was shrouded in mystery and created enough controversy that the city threatened legal action if they failed to move.

-Links to the press release issued by the Second City, visit

-Second City also tweet of their own:

In addition to our brilliant group of professionals we hire the underpaid foot soldiers of the Canadian political scene: the Political Clowns and Hog Riders — Second City Toronto (@SecondCityTO) May 16, 2018

For FOX News Radio White House Correspondent Mike Majchrowitz, this was a first-time story:

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