ARM and Nvidia: 3 Things to Know About Intel’s Rivals

Intel famously funded Corning to “Flawless Test” before they finally released their revolutionary glass panel to the market in 1998.

Chip company Arm almost achieved the same achievement thanks to a buyout in 2011.

Receiving its hands on advanced chip manufacturing technology, Arm went on to innovate and develop mind-blowing technology that led to great advances in intelligent objects and the Internet of Things.

Our relationship with ARM has seen us work together in areas like automotive, games consoles, cloud computing, IoT and more.

Their own technology has paved the way for some great initiatives on the gaming front such as high definition voice chat and the fantastic touch-enabled controller for the Nintendo Switch.

But now Arm is being bought out.

This partnership has come to an end and it looks like Nvidia is buying Arm for £19.8 billion. Nvidia are a technology firm specialising in graphics card chips for use in PCs, laptops and mobile devices.

To get a better feel for the deal you may want to see our full feature for Nvidia or Intel, a two-year-old interview with Nvidia CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, where he speaks about technology and development.

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